How Much Does Osteopathy Cost?

On your first visit, a full assessment of your condition will be made. Many factors may be contributing to your pain and time will be taken to identify and address as many of these as possible. The findings will be discussed with you before treatment begins.

Restore mobility, relieve pain, promote health, minimise disease

A treatment plan is developed for each individual incorporating only those techniques suitable for the patient. A combination of Osteopathic techniques may be used to achieve the best possible results. The treatment plan will also include exercise and lifestyle advice.

The first visit, which includes the consultation and initial treatment, lasts 45-50 minutes. Follow-up sessions last approximately 30 minutes.

Initial consultation visit is £55 with follow up treatments costing £45 each.

Charlotte is recognised by all major insurers including AXA PPP, BUPA, Simply Health and is a registered practitioner for Arthritis Action UK.

Please contact Charlotte Webb Osteopathy if you have any questions.